Testimonials for Our Products


“My husband and I absolutely love Island Girl Bakes. I cannot begin to express my sincere gratitude for not only this delicious, and extremely healthy bread, but also for Alicia the owner. She has completely changed my life, and is one of the most amazingly kind and caring women I have met. She really cares about her customers and their health. I have a condition that excludes Gluten, Yeast, and many other things from my diet. As a business owner on the go, not having bread made eating virtually impossible for me. Island Girl Bakes changed my life, and gave me the opportunity to enjoy bread again while still maintaining my health.

Every day now for over 6 months, I have been eating the French Rice Bread. I can now eat my rice pasta with bread just like old times and remember my Grandpa who used to make me Italian meals at night, always with bread. I can enjoy a slice in the morning for toast if I am so inclined, and I can easily toast it for a sandwich in the afternoon.

There are no hidden preservatives you cannot understand, and its not filled with Gluten and additives that are unhealthy for even the average person. This is a fresh from the oven served with love bread. Toast it, and its even more spectacular! Why would you go anywhere else for bread?

I want to thank you from the bottom of my heart for the love you put in your bread, and for the care you take every time you bake. Every time you do, it’s most likely for someone like me, who has suffered so much. To have that one thing that cannot be had across the nation, well it’s really life changing. Who knew bread could be so powerful, when it’s taken from you. Thank you for putting a smile on my face and giving me a happy and healthy belly.”
– Beth Fiore, Oahu, HI

“I want to share with you how much I love your Almond Energy Bar. I was visiting my sister in Hilo recently and came across your Almond Energy Bar – it’s perfect as it’s made with all the ingredients I can have on my super-restricted diet (due to allergies). I rarely find something healthy and tasty that I can eat, so thank you! I bought a dozen of them to take with me to NYC and they stayed fresh for over 3 weeks. I was thrilled. My brother just ran the Kona Marathon and had a visit with my sister in Hilo and sent him home with six more Almond Energy Bars for me to enjoy. Thank you for making these healthy and delicious treats!!” – Arlene Butler, Manhattan, NYC

“While I was in Hawaii, I developed an addiction to Bomb Banana Bread. I loved it so much, I ate the entire loaf in less than 24 hours. It is delicious.” – Joanne Gregson, Alberta, Canada

“I love your goodies and am addicted to your Bomb Banana Bread. You rock.” – Tim Sullivan, Pahoa, Hawaii

“I love love love the energy bars. Addicted!!” – Joe Hudson, Maui, Hawaii

“I love the baked goods from Island Girl Bakes. I get them at Island Naturals in Hilo.” – Deborah, Pahoa, Hawaii

“Your products are fantastic! Mahalo.” – Cheryl Webb Lansker, Hilo, Hawaii

“Great breads!! Recommend them. Very wonderful!!” – Jan Patenaude, Marble, CO

“I love these breads and was fortunate to be a taste tester during the development stage of Island Girl Bakes. If I were still on the Big Island, I would eat the yummy breads and treats daily.” – Elizabeth Wood, Boulder, CO

“Thank you for making fabulous breads!” Ann Fukuhara, Hilo, HI

Pumpkin is my favorite. Can’t wait to try all the others!!” – Courtney Bruch, Makawao, HI