Almond Energy Bar

Great VEGAN “on the go” energy bar. Sweetened with brown rice syrup, so great for diabetics or anyone looking to avoid a spike in blood sugar. There is no added sugar. These bars give you the sustained energy you need to make it through your day. They make a great post-workout treat. Throw them in your backpack for your next hike.

“I want to share with you how much I love your Almond Energy Bar. I was visiting my sister in Hilo recently and came across your Almond Energy Bar – it’s perfect as it’s made with all the ingredients I can have on my super-restricted diet (due to allergies). I rarely find something healthy and tasty that I can eat, so thank you! I bought a dozen of them to take with me to NYC and they stayed fresh for over 3 weeks. I was thrilled. My brother just ran the Kona Marathon and had a visit with my sister in Hilo and sent him home with six more Almond Energy Bars for me to enjoy. Thank you for making these healthy and delicious treats!!” – Arlene Butler, Manhattan, NYC

Ingredients: Organic Rice Crispy Cereal, organic almond butter, organic almonds, organic pecans, organic unsweetened coconut, organic brown rice syrup, organic cranberries, vanilla extract, celtic sea salt.

Sold by half dozen or full dozen.

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