Heavenly Quinoa Bread

A true heavenly bread filled with protein and loaded with easily assimilated minerals. Ideal for vegetarians who are looking for healthy sources of protein. Delicious toasted for sandwiches or spread with butter. This bread is Gluten, Yeast and Sugar Free and is great for people on restricted diets, such as an Anti-Candida diet, or people with multiple allergies. This bread is made with alkaline water, which makes this one of the most delicious and nutritious gluten free breads on the market. **For a decadent treat, toast Quinoa Bread, top with butter and then spread on Island Girl Bakes’s signature Sweet N Salty Spread, a salty and sweet decadent treat.

“Great breads!! Recommend them. Very wonderful!!” – Jan Patenaude, Marble, CO

Ingredients: Organic quinoa flour, organic brown rice flour, filtered ionic water, organic egg whites, aluminum free baking powder, organic flax meal, celtic salt. NET WT. 2 LBS PER LOAF

$25 per loaf, $13 per half loaf


Note: When you receive your breads, it is best to refrigerate them to maintain freshness. To maintain freshness for longer than a week, upon receiving your bread, slice it and freeze it. When desired, remove a slice from the freezer and thaw it, toast it, or microwave it. Tastes as good as fresh!! The breads will stay fresh for 5-7 days if refrigerated immediately or 2 weeks if frozen immediately.